Says Bass Can Best Deal with Issues of Spending, Debt, and Job Creation

Concord, NH- Former Massachusetts Governor and presidential candidate Mitt Romney met with employers and voters in Nashua today to discuss jobs and the economy with New Hampshire Republican Congressional Candidate Charlie Bass.  

Romney endorsed Bass during the event at Martha’s Exchange restaurant, saying, “Charlie believes in helping small business get back on its feet and start hiring again, and that means taking off the excessive taxation and the excessive red tape, and of course the specter of ‘Obamacare’ that has scared away so many jobs in this country.   Charlie also is probably going to be the guy that determines whether we have Nancy Pelosi as the Speaker, or whether we have new leadership that believes in opportunity, independence, and freedom for the American people – or whether instead we are going to have someone like Nancy Pelosi who fundamentally believes that government knows best.”   Click here for video.

During Bass and Romney’s discussion with voters, Bass stated, “The Democrats’ record of the last twenty months cannot be allowed to continue for the next 24 months.  We cannot tolerate trillion-and-a-half dollar deficits. We want change that will put people back to work, with real jobs at businesses that provide real employment with benefits – not taxpayer-subsidized jobs that last for a few months then are gone.”

The Bass Plan to Stimulate the Economy and Create Jobs:

    1. Reduce the corporate tax rate so businesses can compete in the global economy and stay in the U.S.
      1. America levies the 3rd highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world, which stifles growth and job creation and makes it difficult for American companies to compete.


    1. Extend the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts on small businesses.
      1. Failure to extend all of the current tax cuts will cost the New Hampshire economy $300 million next year, according to respected economist Dennis Delay. It would also destroy 3,400 jobs in New Hampshire, according to the Heritage Foundation.


    1. Continue and strengthen tax credits for investments in new plants and equipment.
      1. Reducing the cost of equipment and infrastructure encourages businesses to invest in growth.


    1. Make the Research and Development tax credit permanent.
      1. Americans lead the world in the development of new and innovative products and technologies – we need to continue that leadership.


    1. Lower the cost for employers to hire new workers by establishing a short term payroll tax holiday for small businesses and their employees. 
      1. Over this period, businesses will have extra money to invest directly into their business and employees would see a bump in their paycheck as a result of eliminating their share (6.2%) of the payroll tax.
      2. Hiring a new employee oftentimes costs a company a third of the individual’s salary.


  1. Establish targeted tax credits for employers to deduct a portion of qualified training expenses and other costs associated with hiring a new employee.
    1. Businesses need an educated and well trained workforce to compete in the global economy.