CHQ - Tom Tancredo: It’s time for a 10th Amendment revolution

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Tom Tancredo:  It's time for a 10th Amendment revolution
The Right Scoop (blog) - A Tom Tancredo victory (for governor) in Colorado would do more than just improve the governance for citizens of the Rocky Mountain State.  It would be a major win for all Americans. Tancredo has promised, if elected, to start a movement with other like-minded governors to launch a "10th Amendment Revolution," which would revive the practically dead (under ruling class statists) concept of federalism and provide hope that limited government can actually be achieved.

Sen. Jim DeMint:  Let NPR fend for itself on the market
Washington Examiner - Conservative stalwart Sen. Jim DeMint weighs in on the question of defunding America's public broadcasting entities (NPR, PBS, and the CPB), arguing that taxpayer money should be cut off in order to force them to compete in the marketplace.  DeMint concludes, "Big Bird will be just fine without his federal subsidies."

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