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We’re winning with the American people. As I’ve traveled the country in recent days, I’ve thought about the reasons why.

First, our ideas and principles are simply right. The American people agree with us: freedom is better, government is too big, taxes are too high, the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda is destroying our prosperity.

But, history has taught us that being right on the issues is not enough.

That brings us to the second reason we’re winning.  Our activists, folks like you, are working harder and smarter than our opponents on the left.

Standing on 16th Street in Philadelphia earlier today, I spoke with Martatia from Collegeville, Pennsylvania. Martatia told me that as a child, her family had to leave Hungary because they lost their country and their freedoms to the communists.  She regretted that she had been too young to take part in the fight for her nation.  She told me, “This time, I can fight and I’m determined to win.”  That’s why she’s spending so many hours knocking on doors and attending rallies like ours today.

Click here to see photos of our Philadelphia event, including the Fox News coverage.

On Thursday, as we stood in the cold in Racine, Wisconsin a great tea party leader named Nancy Mulholland told me that she’s spending hours every day making phone calls and recruiting new activists and passing out literature because she is “determined to turn her state and her nation in a new direction.”

And yesterday in historic Charlottesville, Virginia, at our November is Coming rally, a Vietnam veteran who served on the U.S.S. Hornet told me that he and a buddy had driven hours to our rally because they knew that they “were making a difference, once again, for freedom.” (Click Here to see video coverage of this event)  At the same rally, Jamie Radke from the Richmond Tea Party spoke – with her three beautiful children standing beside her.  Jamie helped lead the effort that organized the Virginia Tea Party convention which brought nearly 3,000 activists from across Virginia together in Richmond recently. 

I could literally tell stories like these for hours about great Americans from all walks of life who are standing and fighting for our nation and our values at this critical time.  They, and you, represent the best of America.

Today in Philly, as Jennifer Stefano was being interviewed live on Fox News by Neil Cavuto she made the point that many of the folks standing with her were going straight from the rally to AFP’s Freedom Phone Center nearby, to make sure that fellow Pennsylvanians know the voting records of their members of Congress.

As Jennifer said those words, I thought about Richard Wallett from Illinois, who has made more than 9,000 calls. In fact, we call him the Phoneanator.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, we have the opportunity of a lifetime to take our nation in a different direction.

Let’s make sure we seize it. Go to to join the effort.

And, keep doing all that you’re doing -- confident in the knowledge that there are brighter days ahead for the United States of America.

Tim Phillips
Americans for Prosperity

P.S. Continue making calls and continue knocking on doors and Click Here to sign up and make sure you’re involved with the November is Coming effort!