CHQ - Your signature Needed to Stop Tax Dollars Going to NPR

Dear Concerned Taxpayer,

The response has been great to the Petition on One Million American Taxpayers to cut off federal funding of National Public Radio (NPR).

Concerned citizens of all political points of view are outraged that NPR fired moderate liberal Juan Williams for saying that he gets nervous when he is on an airplane with persons in Muslim garb.

NPR's censorship of the free expression of ideas is deplorable.  Taxpayers should not be forced to support that kind of operation.

On November 15, Congress will return for a lame-duck session. Let's flood them with so many petitions that we force them to take action.

If you haven't signed the petition at

please take a moment right now to add your name.

Also please forward this e-mail to your friends, family, etc.  The more signatures we send to Members of Congress, the better chance we'll have to stop taxpayers' money going to government radio (NPR).

It doesn't matter if your family or friends are conservative or not.  Everyone clearly understands that, in these times of dangerous deficits and sky-high unemployment, taxpayer funding of NPR has to be the lowest priority of all.

With dozens of news and public affairs programs on radio and TV stations in most every community in America, there is no justification for using taxpayers' money for a government radio network.  We're not a socialist or totalitarian country that needs to be fed government news.


Richard A. Viguerie

9625 Surveyor Court
Suite 400
Manassas, Virginia 20110