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Gordon Duff


A Tale Of Misuse & Abuse

Brutal Occupation Troops Or Saviors, You Can't Have It Both Ways

For nearly a decade, America has been, in the eyes of the world, the successor to Nazi Germany.  Last week, nearly 77% Australians polled (over 10,000 respondents) considered the 9/11 terror attacks an American "false flag" and that nation has troops in Afghanistan fighting alongside Americans.  Imagine what nations that oppose American involvement think? Whatever the percentage blaming America or Israel or both for 9/11, 30% or 90%, the numbers don't matter.  The justification for war, seen as blatantly illegitimate, aggression, invasion and bullying, doesn't stand, not among the people of the world, certainly not any more.  It also doesn't stand well with America's troops as well.  "Volunteer" doesn't mean "stupid."

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