Great Bay Gateway - Fuller Clark Steals Signs

Greenland, NH- Martha Fuller Clark’s Campaign has falsely accused her opponent of illegal activity.  Fuller Clark has claimed that the Stiles Campaign illegally put up “We can’t afford Martha” signs.  “Let me be clear about these signs, we’re an independent organization which worked without coordination with the Stiles Campaign. “ stated Wendy Jones spokesman for Great Bay Gateway. “Instead of taking cheap and unfounded political shots at her opponent, Martha should focus on issues.  Voters are tired of Martha’s tax and spend record and are ready for real change.”

Saturday’s Portsmouth Herald also reported that Senator Fuller Clark knowingly removed signs off public property that did not belong to her or her campaign. “Senator Fuller Clark has been in Concord for almost twenty years, she knows that it is illegal for her to remove those signs.  The Only Martha Can Afford Martha signs were paid for by an independent group that does not fall under the same RSA’s that a political campaign or a political action committee do ” Stated Jones, “For years the Democrats, with Martha’s financial support, have used similar issue advocacy signs slamming Republicans.  Great Bay Gateway expects that Senator Fuller Clark will be returning all 290 of the signs she illegally removed.” Jones expects to be filing charges against Sen. Fuller Clark for her illegal activity Fuller Clark confirmed doing in the Portsmouth Herald Friday night, with the Attorney General’s office Monday.

Great Bay Gateway is an issue advocacy organization that is dedicated to bringing fiscal responsibility back to Concord.