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Want to see firsthand what we're up against in the battle for our nation's future?
Click Here to see the video of the Left's big "One Nation" March on Washington this past Saturday.  You'll see thousands of proud Socialists (that's their description and not ours as you will see in the video).  Our video has created a sensation on YouTube and almost 150,000 Americans have already seen it in less than 48 hours.
Our response should be clear.  We've got to re-double our efforts to reach out to our fellow Americans with our message of freedom, of limited government and lower taxes and less spending.
So, I'm asking you to join At-home Freedom Phone effort CLICK HERE.  Within 24 hours you can be making calls to key Americans to educate them on important issues and where members of Congress voted on the health care takeover or cap-and-trade or the failed stimulus.
Also, this Saturday, October 9, we are holding our National Freedom Phone-a-thon Day and we need you to join this kickoff effort.  Here's how it works.  We are asking individuals like you from across the country to pledge 25, 100, 250, or even more calls on the Freedom Phone System.  Then on Saturday, October 9, everyone will hit the phones hard educating our neighbors on the big government, tax-and-spend agenda that is destroying our nation and how they can make a difference and restore our nation to its founding principles.  Click Here to make your call Pledge.

It's not surprising that President Obama's official operation, Organizing for America, endorsed the Left's "One Nation" march this past Saturday.  Obama, Pelosi, Reid and their allies on the Left know what's at stake right now.  Their big government, big spending, big taxing agenda hangs in the balance.  That's why President Obama is now barnstorming the nation attacking Americans like you and me.  Yes, Americans for Prosperity is still the group singled out by the President in his stump speeches.  
If we want to win for our values and for our principles we've got to work like never before to take our message to our fellow Americans.
Last week, I met an amazing lady from Washington Crossing, PA at one of our AFP events.  Jennifer Stefano is a stay-at-home mom, former television news reporter and current all-in grassroots activist.  She actually helped organize a November is Coming bus tour event in her hometown while on bed rest during her pregnancy!  In fact, she managed to show up and speak at this crucial event on the very day her baby was due.  And yes, Jennifer safely delivered her third child a few days later.
That day from the podium Jennifer said, "One day I want to look at my daughter in the eye and tell her that her mom stood up for freedom on the very day she was predicted to be born!"
I see this same commitment and passion and love of freedom across our nation day-after-day from folks like Jennifer and you. 
We're going to win if we keep fighting.

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Tim Phillips
President, Americans for Prosperity

P.S. Join our at-home Freedom Phone effort CLICK HERE and be a big part of National Freedom Phone-a-thon Day this Saturday by making sure to pledge 25, 50, or even 250 calls this Saturday.