CEI Daily - McDonald's Health Insurance, Privatizing Virginia Liquor, and the Minimum Wage


McDonald's Health Insurance


McDonald's may be forced to drop health insurance for 30,000 employees because of new restrictions on limited-benefit plans.


Senior Counsel Hans Bader says this is just the beginning of fallout from the passing of the health care bill.


"It’s not just limited-benefit plans that are disappearing. Excellent health plans that patients prize most are disappearing too.  Earlier, 22,000 seniors lost their health care plan due to Obamacare. Meanwhile, state regulators are approving premium increases due to the increased costs resulting from Obamacare."




Privatizing Virginia Liquor


Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has been criticized for his plan to privatize Virginia liquor sales.


Policy Analyst Michelle Minton slams legislators for their unfounded criticisms.


"While politicians are understandably concerned about the financial state of the Commonwealth, loss of tax revenue is no justification for doing away with a government service that they have admitted does no good for the people of Virginia and in fact impedes sales of and access to liquor."



Minimum Wage


Alaska Senate Candidate Joe Miller (R) is being derided by the media for suggesting that the federal minimum wage mandate is unconstitutional.


Warren Brookes Fellow Ryan Young explains why a high minimum wage results in job loss.


"Young people with little or no work experience may not be able to offer $7.25 per hour worth of productivity; no wonder so many of them are having trouble finding summer jobs. They have to be paid more than they are worth. Wage floors reduce the number of jobs."