CHQ - Morton Blackwell: ‘The Real Nature of Politics’ is far more than just being right

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Morton Blackwell: 'The Real Nature of Politics' is far more than just being right
RedState -- Conservative leader Morton Blackwell writes what "is probably the most important lesson you will learn at any time in your life about success in the public policy process...Being right in the sense of being correct is not sufficient to win...The winner in a political contest over time is determined by the number and the effectiveness of the activists and leaders...(which depends on) the political technology used by that side...You have a moral obligation to learn how to win."

Dan Riehl:  It's not just "twisters," it's political "climate change" taking place in America
Riehl World View - Blogger Dan Riehl argues that columnist Peggy Noonan's isn't completely correct in writing that the political wave of 2010 represents two "tornados" hitting the parties simultaneously. Riehl believes the grassroots Tea Party movement is something much larger and more permanent than that - it's a "climate change."

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