NHDP - Ayotte's Healthcare Hypocrisy Hits New Heights

Concord, NH - After spending her time on the campaign trail blasting health care reform as a "government takeover of our health care system," which has been disproven by experts across the board, news broke this weekend that GOP senate candidate Kelly Ayotte herself was on the taxpayer-subsidized New Hampshire state health plan during her time as Governor Craig Benson's legal counsel. [Nashua Telegraph, 10/3/10].


"Let's make sure the people of New Hampshire get this straight - Kelly Ayotte thinks it's fine for her to get subsidized health care but helping middle-class families afford health insurance is apparently beyond the pale," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Kelly Ayotte has spent this campaign railing against the idea that government can help people afford and access health care - and now we find out that she's taken subsidized health insurance for years? Sadly, this kind of political doublespeak has become par for the course on the Ayotte campaign."


Ayotte has promised to repeal President Obama's health care plan, if elected, citing the danger of government intervention in health care. Her repeal would eliminate tax credits for middle-class families and small businesses to afford health care, as well as end the government-sponsored health insurance exchange which helps people struggling to secure care find affordable insurance plans.