NHDP Launches 10 - 4 - 2010

State Democrats kick-off new initiative to turn out voters in midterm election

Concord - The New Hampshire Democratic Party is launching a new initiative, Ten for Twenty-Ten, aimed at getting voters to the polls on Election Day.  Over 1,000 Democratic activists are being recruited to find 10 friends and family members who will pledge to bring ten people to the polls with them.

"This is a pivotal election, and the Ten for Twenty-Ten program will ensure that our Democratic candidates are successful this November," said Mike Brunelle, executive director for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "Granite State Democrats have a strong record to run on and our message is resonating with voters.  A recent poll showed that nearly two-thirds of voters feel that we are on the right track."

Over the past few years Democratic leadership has maintained New Hampshire's status as a national leader.  The Granite State has the second fastest growing job market in the nation, an unemployment rate that is 40% below the national average, and the second lowest taxes per capita.

In addition, New Hampshire also leads in numerous quality of life metrics, it is the safest state, the most livable state, the best state in which to raise a family, and it leads the region in several education statistics.

"A strong grassroots effort led to our historic victories in 2006 and 2008," continued Brunelle.  "The new Ten for Twenty-Ten program will help us duplicate that success, maintain our Democratic majorities, and continue the work of moving New Hampshire forward."