Bass For Congress - Unveiled

Concord, NH- The Charlie Bass for Congress campaign unveiled, a new resource for voters to examine Democrat Ann McLane Kuster’s unyielding support for Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi’s economic agenda, such as raising taxes on small businesses and more deficit spending on failed Stimulus plans.

Site features will include facts and studies about how Obama-Pelosi-Kuster economic policies will cost New Hampshire thousands of jobs.   The site will also feature videos on Kuster’s statements and positions, as well as news articles pertaining to jobs and the economy.

In explaining the term “Kusternomics,” the site proclaims:

  • When Democrat Annie Kuster says she wants to create jobs - but supports tax hikes on NH small businesses that would cost 3,400 jobs – that’s Kusternomics!
  • When Kuster says her priority is “jobs, jobs, jobs” - but supports Waxman-Markey Cap-and-Trade that would cost NH more than 6,500 jobs – that’s Kusternomics!
  • When Kuster says the Obama-Pelosi Stimulus has helped our economy – but unemployment is up and we continue to lose jobs – that’s Kusternomics!

For additional information on, please contact Scott Tranchemontagne.