CHQ - Conservative Support for the Death Penalty is Waning

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Richard Viguerie and Brent Bozell:  Conservative support for the death penalty is waning
Richmond Times Dispatch - Lifelong conservatives and Tea Party supporters Richard Viguerie and L. Brent Bozell III write of their opposition to the death penalty and address Biblical and Lockean principles.   "We know our opinion is not held by all conservatives. Surely, however, there are many questions about the death penalty's accuracy, fairness, and financial efficiency that should be addressed," they argue in calling for conservatives to at least revisit their beliefs about the subject.

New Hampshire's Ovide Lamontagne on why Tea Party constitutional conservatives win even in losing primary races
American Thinker - Conservative New Hampshire GOP Senate candidate Ovide Lamontagne narrowly lost to establishment-backed candidate Kelly Ayotte. He describes the importance of constitutional conservatives running. Even when they don't win the primary, they shape the debate and force establishment candidates to move towards constitutional conservatism. Ovide isn't bitter or vindictive like so many "ruling class" politicians have acted upon being beaten by conservative challengers. He particularly censures self-interested "losers" Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Gov. Charlie Crist for their efforts to undermine the ultimate goal of saving our country.

The Constitution Still Matters -- Virginia Tea Party Convention, Oct. 8 & 9
Join top small government, constitutional conservative, tea party leaders, activists and personalities Herman Cain, Ginni Thomas, Governor Bob McDonnell, Congressman Ron Paul, Dick Morris, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, Jenny Beth Martin, Congressman Steve King, Gary Aldrich, Craig Shirley, Chris Horner, Bishop E.W. Jackson, and tea partiers from around the country at the 2010 Virginia Tea Party Patriots Convention, October 8 & 9, the Richmond Convention Center.  CHQ's own Mark Fitzgibbons will be speaking on the legal requirements for starting -- and fundraising for -- your own Tea Party.  Click here to register

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Ralph Benko's humorous use of Looney Tunes cartoons to help explain the Tea Party to the ruling class -- Daily Caller

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Dick Morris:  The GOP should not fall victim to UNDER-confidence in 2010 -- Townhall

2010 is not about returning Republicans to power, it's about stepping back from a precipice -- American Spectator

The GOP had better perform if it gets back in power or it might cease to exist -- Washington Examiner

Colorado governor's race not over yet - polls show Tom Tancredo gaining -- Rasmussen Reports

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