Fred Who? - News Alert: What a Month!

Month in Review
The Fred Karger Presidential Exploratory Committee has been all over the U.S. this past month.  We’ve been to Chicago, Washington, DC, New York, Maine, and New Hampshire twice.  Here’s the update with photos!


My past, present and future were all in full effect last month. My exhilarating whirlwind started at my Central School Junior High Reunion on Saturday, September 11th.

Here are some of my classmates from South School where most of us went from kindergarten to 6th grade.  We all turn 60 this year!  Actually pretty easy to recognize everybody (nametags helped).

It was wonderful to catch up with old friends whom I haven't seen in too many years to admit. There was a lot of interest in my Presidential Exploratory Committee, an announcement I made that week in New Hampshire Magazine.


My nephew Rob Karger and I spent the following day at the Lake County Republican Picnic.  It was an exciting day in my home state of Illinois.  We gave away dozens of frisbees and web cards and were able to visit with lots of picnic-goers and hear their concerns.

Rob (left) and I with some new friends and frisbee recipients

Everybody loves the Fred Frisbees!

Ran into a fellow member of the Republican Jewish Coalition


Saturday, September 18th was a momentous day. First, I spoke at St. Anselm's College Republican Candidate Forum in Manchester, New Hampshire.  I screened my new commercial for the very first time during my speech.  It began running that day on WMUR-TV (ABC – Channel 9), and then went right to the six other markets.  It’s called "Good Morning, New Hampshire", and is a 60-second spot, directed by John Keitel.  Check out the viral version:  CLICK HERE

My speech before the St. Anselm College Republicans Candidates Forum


Kevin and Patrick manning the table at St. Anselms


Here I am with the College Republicans after the program

Our documentary-style commercial ran for a full week in the Granite State.  Focus groups love it.  Watch here:  CLICK HERE


I attended the sixth annual Clinton Global Initiative – my fourth year.  It was another incredible few days.  It’s the coming together of world leaders, philanthropists, the organizations and people they support and the media.  

Here’s President Clinton introducing the Mideast Session, where Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and Israeli President Shimon Peres took part in a panel discussion

Columbia University Queer Alliance

I also spoke to a packed room on Sunday afternoon September 19th of the Queer Alliance, which is the LGBT organization at Columbia University in New York.  What an incredible group.  Spotted several future leaders!  Seemed to get a good reaction and they liked the commercial.  


We watched the first debate between gubernatorial candidates Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown last Monday night.  It made for great TV.  After the debate, I spoke to about 40 members of the L A County Chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans.

Here I am with L A County President Scott Schmidt (right) and other Log Cabin attendees

Lots of Press Coverage!


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CNN iReport - I interviewed Rev. Jesse Jackson on his response to the defeat in the U.S. Senate of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell that day:  CLICK HERE