AFP - A Rare Opportunity

Opportunity is a fragile thing.  
As I grow older I realize more and more that true opportunity to make a decisive difference is rare.
That's why right now I know in my heart that you and I have perhaps the greatest opportunity of our lives to change the policy direction of our nation.
Right now.  
The question is:  Will we seize it?  Will we do everything in our power to take hold of this opportunity now at this pivotal time for our nation?
Yesterday, I was in the "Irish Hill" of southern Michigan at our November is Coming events.  At Hillsdale College -- truly one of the great academic institutions in our nation -- I stood in front of the statue to the "Great Lady Herself" Margaret Thatcher who led the effort that changed England beginning in 1981.  She was Ronald Reagan's great ally in his effort to win the Cold War.  She seized an opportunity, and the course of her nation and our world was changed.

I'm asking you to seize this opportunity we've been presented.

Do your part by joining our Freedom Phone efforts or educate your neighbors and friends on the big government, tax-and-spend agenda that is destroying our nation and how they can make a difference and restore our nation to its founding principles by joining us on one of AFP's National Canvas Days.


This Thursday, October 7th at 8pm ET I'll be holding a special strategy tele-town hall. All you need to do to get an invitation to the call is Join our November is Coming effort - click here to get involved today!
On the call I'll be talking about our National Freedom Phone-a-Thon Day this Saturday. We're setting up call centers across the country that you can join or you can call from the comfort of your own home. We are asking you to let us know how many calls you're going to make Saturday, whether that's 10 calls or 250 calls just click here to let us know that you're going to be part of the fight.

Freedom isn't free, we need to continue to fight.

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Tim Phillips

P.S. Join us for the National Freedom Phone-a-thon day this Saturday, October 9th. If you have not already signed up for the Freedom Phone Center then click here to register. If you're already registered and making calls on the Freedom Phone system click here and let us know how many calls you pledge to make on Saturday.