AUL - Important Election Update


AUL Action’s “Life Counts” Campaign to Impact 2010 Elections

Life Counts icon avatarWith less than a month until Americans nationwide head to the polls to elect a new Congress, Americans United for Life Action is launching "Life Counts" - a $600,000 grassroots online and radio ad campaign designed to hold politicians accountable for their support of taxpayer-funded abortion. “Life Counts” targets Congressional candidates in twelve key battleground districts located in Indiana, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Arkansas, and Colorado. The target candidates are supporters of President Obama’s heath care law - a law which created the largest expansion of abortion in our country’s history.

“Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to taxpayer-funded abortion,” said Dr. Charmaine Yoest, President and CEO of AUL Action. “Representatives who voted for or supported the largest expansion of federal funding of abortion in American history are going to find out that in this election, Life Counts.”

To hear our new Life Counts radio commercials, click here.

On The Docket

Your Answers: Survey Shows Depth of Pro-Life Voters’ Conviction

More than 11,000 Bench Briefs readers last week responded to our survey, offering answers that demonstrate how important Life issues will be in elections this fall.

Your answers to the poll yielded interesting results. Almost 82% said that the Life issue is the “number one deciding factor” and nearly 70% said that ending taxpayer-funded abortion is the “most important pro-life issue in the election.”  AUL Action will continue to encourage the participation of pro-life candidates and will hold pro-life elected officials accountable.  

Read the full survey results at

Turning Values into Action: Watch Dr. Yoest’s “Smart Girl” Video

AUL President & CEO, Dr. Charmaine Yoest, gave a video address to participants at last week’s Smart Girl Summit, an annual conference bringing together values-driven women from around the country. In the video, which is now available on the AUL Blog, she encouraged attendees to put their values into action by promoting pro-life initiatives.

AUL’s National Coordinator for Advocates for Life, Kellie Fiedorek, introduced Dr. Yoest’s video at the event and says, “It was encouraging to meet women from all parts of the country, women who are passionate about defending pro-life values. Many participants came by our booth to learn more about AUL’s work and to find out how they can get involved.”  Watch the video here.