CHQ - Conservatives mourn the death of Joe Sobran

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Conservatives mourn the death of Joe Sobran -- Legendary writer Joe Sobran died on September 30 at age 64. He is well remembered for his conservative principles and awesome communications abilities, as well as his (alleged) Achilles heels.  Today's News from the Front
includes eight articles commenting on his life. 

Rest in Peace:  Father Paul Scalia was the celebrant at a Tridentine Latin Mass of Christian Burial and many well-known conservatives were in attendance including: Pat and Shelley Buchanan, Howard Phillips, Brent Bozell, Chris Manion, Kate O'Beirne, and Richard Viguerie.

Sen. Jim DeMint:  Help GOP candidates in West Virginia, Delaware, and Illinois and then bid goodbye to the "Fired Congress"
National Review Online - Sen. Jim DeMint sounds the alarm on the Democrats' potentially disastrous lame-duck session set to take place after November's elections, warning that the "Fired Congress" full of defeated Democrats could easily push through very harmful legislation before leaving town for good. Republicans running in special elections in Delaware, West Virginia, and Illinois would be seated immediately, and may be able to prevent such a travesty. DeMint also thinks Americans should push the Democrats to promise not to do harm during the session.

Ted Nugent:  Clean House America, kick the political class out of power -- Washington Times

Conservative leader Ginni Thomas on Tea Party:  'There is a big tidal wave coming' -- ABC News (blog)

Is Rep. James Oberstar another 'Demosaur' headed for extinction in Minnesota's 8th district? -- American Thinker

FOX News poll: Angle by three in Nevada, Raese by five in West Virginia -- Hot Air (blog)

The GOP's road to 51 Senators could be routed through West Virginia -- Daily Caller

Christine O'Donnell's new TV ad makes it awfully hard to hate her -- American Spectator (blog)

The rise of black Republicans could have Democrats worried -- Real Clear Politics (blog)

Michelle Malkin:  Rep. Joseph Cao is the clueless Republican of the day --

Obamacare vote is coming back to haunt Pro-Life Democrats -- Politico

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