NH Carbon Action Alliance - Energy, Jobs & Climate Forum, October 20, Manchester

Energy, Jobs, Climate

Candidate Forum Set for October 20


Littleton — Congressional candidates are being given an opportunity to explain their positions to New Hampshire voters on climate change, clean energy and green jobs for the Granite State.

The New Hampshire Carbon Action Alliance will host the New Hampshire Climate Forum: Clean Energy, Green Jobs & Climate Change on October 20 at the Radisson Hotel in Manchester.


All six Congressional candidates have been invited to speak at the Forum and answer questions from the audience.


The Climate Forum will address these issues:

           • New Hampshire Climate Change Impacts
           • National Security & Energy Independence
           • Renewable Energy, Energy Conservation & Efficiency
           • Clean Business Incentives & Green Job Creation
           • Sources of NH Greenhouse Gas Pollution

           • EPA Regulatory Authority


UNH’s Carsey Institute reports that more than half of those surveyed said that “climate change is happening now and is caused mainly by human activities.”


“Climate change affects all of us -- Republican, Democrat and Independent,” says Farrell S. Seiler, chairman of the group. “Legislation and policy solutions to address climate change and create green jobs should seen as opportunities to build and strengthen our economy and environment.”

For more information about the Forum, click here.


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The New Hampshire Carbon Action Alliance is a grassroots organization committed to reducing the impacts of climate change by reducing or eliminating greenhouse gas emissions at their source.

The Alliance supports state and federal policies and programs which stimulate the development of energy efficiency and energy conservation and clean, green and renewable energy economy.



Energy, Jobs, Climate

Candidate Forum



     Wednesday, October 20

     1 PM - 5 PM



     Radisson Hotel, Manchester



     New Hampshire

     Carbon Action Alliance




Energy, Jobs, Climate

Candidate Forum


• Program •


  • How does New Hampshire

    view climate change:

  -- Public Perceptions of Climate

      Change in New Hampshire.


  • Challenges of Climate

     Change & Opportunities

     for a NH Green Economy:

  -- Climate Change, Clean Energy

       and the Future  of  the New

       Hampshire Economy


  • Where do New Hampshire's

    Congressional candidates


    -- Carbon Action Alliance

     Candidate Questionnaire

•   •   •

Candidate Forum

 •   •   •

Audience Q & A

  New Hampshire voters will have

   ample opportunity to ask each

   candidate questions about their

   positions on climate, energy and

   green jobs policies, programs

   and legislation.