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Obamacare Impact Calculator

Obamacare became law amid promises of lower costs, expanded coverage, and an overall better health care system. But those predictions are built on assumptions regarding consumer behavior and economic theories that economists, journalists, and policy experts already have been challenging. Even the Department of Health and Human Services has missed 7 of 22 deadlines under the bill.

Basically, we have “Obamacare as promised” versus “Obamacare in reality.”  And, it is becoming clearer and clearer that Obamacare as promised will look nothing like Obamacare in reality.

The Heritage calculator allows you to see how just one change from the promises made when the bill was passed makes a big difference in how Obamacare would affect important issues—like the cost of insurance premiums,  government health spending, taxes and deficits, and whether private health coverage will decrease in even greater numbers than CBO forecasts.

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