- Representative McMahon on NH state parks: "... inconsistent and convoluted funding streams..."

In her Oct. 6 column on Representative McMahon writes:

"...the grim financial situation continues to create an environment of deterioration and promotes a variety of schemes for monetizing the [state] parks."

"Over the past two decades DRED Commissioners did not advocate to the legislature for park funding nor advise relevant policy committees."

"...discussions revealed that the businesses [related to Mt. Washington Observatory, a private non-profit entity] that benefit from customer visitations to the summit have not shared admission ticket fees with the state. These organizations seem reluctant to pay the costs associated with running the state park year round, or to share the state's costs for bonding the electrification and septic system improvements that benefit their customers."

"...the summit of Mt Washington is zoned as a state park and those revenues generated there go to a special fund. However, funds generated at other mountain tops such as Kearsarge are not considered part of Rollins or Winslow state parks so those funds are not designated to either park." 

"Chairing the committee to review the Mount Washington Commission enlightened us to inconsistent and convoluted funding streams and circuitous leasing patterns that often put the state parks at a disadvantage."


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