AFP - Prosperity Alert: October 2010

Prosperity Alert: October 2010


At-Home Freedom Phone Bank


Join AFP Activists from across the country this Saturday, October 9, for our National Freedom Phone-a-thon Day!
Here's how it works.  We are asking individuals like you from across the country to pledge 25, 100, 250, or even more calls on the Freedom Phone System. Then on Saturday, October 9, everyone will hit the phones hard educating our neighbors on the big government, tax-and-spend agenda that is destroying our nation and how they can make a difference and restore our nation to its founding principles.  
Click Here now to sign up and pledge how many calls you will make Saturday, October 9th.

Remember, if you are one of our top callers between now and November 2nd, you could win a trip to Cancun! Top 5 Phone Bankers can choose between one of the three awards below:

  • Travel scholarship to Cancun, Mexico for AFP's Hot Air Tour event at the UN conference on Climate Change (Value: Approx $2000)
  • Travel scholarship for two people to the national Summit in DC - Fall 2011 (Approx $2000)
  • Travel scholarship for two people to RightOnline in Minneapolis, MN – June 2011 (Value: Approx. $2000)

Click here for official contest rules.

Tele-Town Hall Tonight with Joe the Plumber


This Thursday, October 7th at 8pm ET we'll be holding a special strategy tele-town hall with AFP President Tim Phillips and Joe the Plumber. All you need to do to get an invitation to the call is Join our November is Coming effort - click here to get involved today!

Proud Socialist March in DC

Check out AFP's newest YouTube video that has almost 300,000 views. The video is of socialist protesters at the so-called "One Nation" rally in Washington, DC.

Click here to see the video

Take Action


Obama Attacks AFP Activists by name for the 9th time!

For the ninth time in just over two months, President Obama has attempted to cast a shadow on the grassroots uprising that is rejecting his failed policies. In a blatant attempt to raise funds for Democratic candidates, the President has repeatededly attacked Americans for Prosperity and our 1.6 million activists by name.

Let President Obama know that you are AFP!

Sign the Spending Revolt Pledge!
The national debt is rising at unprecedented rates. Current spending levels are downright unsustainable. Sign the Spending Revolt pledge now, and let your representatives know that you will only support leaders who will limit federal spending to 20% of GDP or less. Click here to sign the pledge.

Watch and Share this video with your Social Network.
In our second video from the "One Nation Rally," socialist protesters and paraphernalia dominated the left-wing protest rally in Washington, DC on 10-2-10. The so-called "One Nation" rally was led by labor unions as an attempt to counter Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally, which took place in DC on 8-28-2010. Click here to see the video and share it with your friends. Be sure to click that you "Like" it too!

The American Patriot's Almanac


Sign up now to make calls on AFP's At-Home Freedom Phone System! The first ten activists to click here, and fill out the Freedom Phone registration form will receive a free copy of The American Patriot's Almanac.

Nationally syndicated talk-radio host William Bennett masterfully tells the stories that make America great in this volume of daily readings. He boils American history into 365 individual entries (one for each day of the year), and will make a history lover out of anyone who picks this book up.

Activist of the Month - Collin Corbett





Name: Collin Corbett
Age: 24
Hometown: Palatine, IL

Collin Corbett is an integral leader of the conservative grassroots movement in Lake County, Illinois, where he is involved in Americans for Prosperity's issue advocacy efforts. Collin leads a team of activists in the northwestern suburbs of Chicago who are working to support free market principles and individual liberty.

Collin has successfully worked to bring about positive change in his community. He has organized several town hall meetings of activists as well as grassroots training sessions for activists new to the cause. His team also effectively led calls for greater transparency in the Grayslake School District.

Lame Duck Congress


The threat of a lame duck session of Congress is real. Legislation such as cap-and-trade, card check, union pension bailouts, and enormous tax hikes have repeatedly been rejected by citizens, yet there are many in Washington who want to sneak these horrible policies through after the voters have spoken.

AFP is leading the charge against the lame duck session, and has launched a one-stop shop for articles, quotes, and clips detailing what bills Congress might try to sneak through.

Click here to visit AFP's one-stop shop for information on the lame duck session of Congress.

I Want Your Money Movie Trailer - In Theatres October 15th!


Join filmmaker Ray Griggs in this documentary film I Want Your Money as he contrasts the two paths the United States can take using the words and actions of Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan. The film uses interviews from well-known public figures, experts, movie clips, dramatic portrayals, music, graphics and even comedic animation to tell the story in the plainest terms of the choice between the Obama and the Reagan views of the role of the federal government in our society.

I Want Your Money will be in theatres beginning on October 15th.

Click here to see the trailer!


November is Coming Efforts


Recent Events

November is Coming tour rolls through the Midwest!
The November is Coming tour bus made stops for events in Illinois and Wisconsin this month, addressing large crowds of activists. To see photos of the Joliet, IL, event, click here.

Bus Tour Stops in Virginia!
The November is Coming bus tour rolled through the Commonwealth of Virginia with stops in Charlottesville, Lynchburg, Rocky Mount, Danville, Abingdon, Wytheville, Roanoke. Click here to see photos of the events!

Upcoming Events

November is Coming Set to visit five more states in the coming days!
AFP's November is Coming Tour will soon be travelling through Arkansas, Ohio, Florida, Indiana, and Michigan. For more information, to sign the November is Coming petition, or to sign up to attend, please click here.


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