Attorney General Martha Coakley’s total lack of principle was clearly in evidence in her recommendation that the 147-yr old Roman Catholic health care system, Caritas Christi, be sold to a new entity to be led by Ralph de la Torre, an opportunist who used political donations to curry the AG’s favorable ruling.

           “Martha Coakley is engaged in payback of the worst kind,” said R. T. Neary, Chairman of the Coalition To Save Catholic Health Care. “The approval of the transfer of the 6-hospital chain is replete with scare tactics and shows she is involved in plain old-time shady politics.  The Supreme Judicial Court should reject this travesty” Neary added.

            In July, the Coalition asked Coakley to recuse herself from any ruling on the deal, as has James McKenna, her new opponent for AG in the November 2 election, because of the glaring conflict of interest with de la Torre.  The CEO and his wife held a fundraiser in his Newton home for Coakley’s failed bid to the U.S. Senate. They, Caritas executives, and others contributed over $30,000 to her campaign fund.

            John O’Gorman, Director of Media and Research added: “While claiming to be a ‘multi-year report’, AG Coakley used old material, completely ignored recent critical data, and failed to provide full disclosure. The report covers the difficulties that Caritas Christi experienced a number of years ago. Yet it glosses over the remarkable turnaround achieved in FY 2009.”