MPTS (MCAM) - “More Politically Alert” Returns; Expands To an Hour, and You Can Call In

Just in time for the election season, I’ve decided to go back to producing “More Politically Alert” (MPA), my television show which ran on Manchester cable for more than ten years and has been on a three year sabbatical.  (Anyone remember why I gave it up three years ago?)

            All the old departments will be back (even Vaillancarnak will undoubtedly return from time to time, although I have to be in a special frame of mind to come up with the comedy material).

            There are two major changes.  The show has expanded to an hour, and the initial broadcast each week (Wednesday at noon for the time being) will be live from the still spacious MPTS (Manchester Public Television Service, formerly MCAM) studios, now located above Margaritas at1045 Elm Street in Manchester.

  Since MPTS goes out on the worldwide web, the live broadcast can be viewed anywhere in the world, and phone-in calls are accepted (if not exactly urged—no calls from party hacks or those with individual axes to grind, please).  Wherever you are, you can call in by dialing 413-0223.

In the Manchester area, “More Politically Alert” airs on cable channel 23 Wednesday at noon, rebroadcast Thursday at 6 p.m.; Sunday at noon; and Tuesday at 11 p.m.  Great times.

To watch anywhere in the world, go to and click on public access but only during the aforementioned times.   MPTS (MCAM) no longer maintains a file of all shows which were downloadable any time.

The first show is already out there in the ether.  I must say the hour went by as fast as a half hour used to.  I could have done another full hour, but then, there’s always another week.

Highlights of the first week’s show:

            Brother Can You Spare a Quite—My old standby, “top ten quotes on which to base a political philosophy”, great entrée into explaining my decidedly Libertarian views.

            TUTD (Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down) Awards –Up to Executive Councilors Democrat Deb Pignatelli and Republican Ray Burton; down to Councilors Shea (especially harsh words for him—like in the past, no punches are pulled on MPA), Hollingworth, and Wieczorek.

            The Reading Room—Three book recommendations including an especially appropriate one for this 50th anniversary of the Nixon-Kennedy debates, 1960:  LBJ vs. JFK vs. Nixon by David Pietrusza.

            Heard on the Grapevine—As payback for heading Republicans for Lynch, is Joel Maiola about to be named Liquor Commission Chair.  Is Mark Bodi about to head up Democrats for Stephen.

            Predictions—Republicans will gain:   61 U.S. House seats; nine U.S. Senate seats for a 50-50 tie (West Virginia has just swung, and since the taping Washington may be swinging which would give the GOP 51-49, but there’s always another week coming);  74 NH House seats for a 250-150 advantage; and four NH Senate seats for a 14-10 advantage.

            By The Numbers—Plenty of polls to back up the predictions.

            Endorsements—Your Republican host asks Manchester West Side Republicans to cast one of their eight votes for Democrat Joel Winters.  How’s that for non-partisanship at the outset?

            Media Matters—A list of the 12 political websites I visit most frequently; and condemnation of Channel 9 for their pathetic primary night coverage.

            As Jack Paar used to say, “I kid you not”.  It’s all in the first hour, plus a very personal opening segment which takes us back to Vermont and Plymouth State College the week Martin Luther King was killed.

            Regular segments we didn’t have time for (hey, you can only do so much, even with an hour):  Sad But True; Shame on You; Money in Politics—Mother’s Milk or Granny’s Hooch; A Blast for the Past; and QOTW (provocative question of the week).

            After the election, I hope to locate and rebroadcast full half-hour interviews I did with three State Reps (and personal friends) who passed away this past year:  Alf Jacobson of New London; Jane Kelly of Hampton; and Charlie Vaughn of Portsmouth.

            Next week—The story behind the story of why I decided to bring MPA back, and the sad saga of Manchester’s dead beat no show reps who have the audacity to seek re-elections.  Yes, there will be charts for proof.