Shea-Porter Endorsed by Veterans and Military Families for Progress

Manchester, NH - Carol Shea-Porter, a member of the Armed Services Committee, has been officially endorsed by Veterans and Military Families for Progress (VMFP). Founded in 2005, VMFP is dedicated to ensuring that the rights and needs of veterans, active-duty service members (including National Guard and reservists), and their families are understood by the American public, endorsed by our elected officials, and protected by legislation.

"I am grateful that Veterans and Military Families for Progress has endorsed me in this election." said Congresswoman Shea-Porter. "In Congress, I have a unique perspective as someone who was a military spouse and who is now the proud wife of a veteran, and I take it as a personal responsibility to speak up for the troops, veterans, and their families."

Since being elected in 2006, Carol has constantly fought for New Hampshire veterans and military families. Carol introduced legislation that will prevent cost increases in military retiree health insurance this year. She also introduced the Veteran's Health Equity Act, which mandates a full-service VA Hospital, or equivalent in-state medical care. Thanks to Carol's consistent advocacy and support for funding, the Veterans Administration (VA) now has an inpatient care contract with Concord Hospital, has increased the number of clinics, and is building a new mental health facility. Carol has championed initiatives to keep our troops safe overseas. She wrote legislation (enacted in October 2009) to end the harmful use of toxic waste burn pits on military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan and to hold reckless defense contractors accountable for endangering the lives of our troops. 
New Hampshire veterans trust Carol because they know she has a record of fighting on their behalf.