NH Carbon Action Alliance - Who'll get New Hampshire's "Green" vote?

New Hampshire Climate Forum

Clean Energy, Green Jobs, Climate Change

October 20 • Radisson Hotel • Manchester


Contact:                                         Date: October 8, 2010

Farrell S. Seiler, Chairman

New Hampshire Carbon Action Alliance



The Green Vote in New Hampshire is up for grabs.

Why? Many voters don’t know what solutions the candidates are proposing on critical issues such as climate change,

clean energy, green jobs creation and sustainable economic development.

Undecided voters will get some answers on October 20.

        The New Hampshire Carbon Action Alliance is holding

        a Forum on “Energy, Jobs and Climate” at the

        Radisson in Manchester on Wednesday, October 20.

All six congressional candidates have been invited to speak and explain their “green” positions. They'll answer questions directly from the audience.

        “Democratic candidates should not take thousands of

        Green Voters for granted ... and Republican candidates         should not consider these voters as a lost cause,

        cautions Farrell S. Seiler, chairman of the New

        Hampshire Carbon Action Alliance in Littleton.


Why? An April survey by UNH's Carsey Institute reveals that more than 90% of New Hampshire residents say “climate change is happening now and is caused mainly by human activities.”


        Candidates from both parties should pay closer

        attention to NH voters worried about the disruptive

        effects of climate change on our economy, forests,

        coastlines, maple sugar, tourism and skiing.


Republican and Democratic party candidates can help solve climate disruption by supporting renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy conservation businesses. They can help jump start the greening of the Granite State's economy with more high paying, clean jobs.


                    For many candidates, NH's Green Vote

                    could be the margin of victory (or defeat).


Where do the candidate stand on clean energy, green jobs and climate change?

Find out on October 20 at 1 PM at the Forum in Manchester.


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