CHQ - Richard Viguerie’s Bold Election Predictions

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Richard Viguerie's bold election predictions
CHQ - Richard Viguerie's predictions, based on decades of political experience, aren't what the pollsters are saying. It will be a wave of 'biblical proportion.' Conservatives, though, must keep in mind this is not the end. It's what Winston Churchill once said: "It may be the end of the beginning."

The post-election battle within the GOP is shaping up as Gov. Sarah Palin versus the establishment
Politico - As if the 2010 primaries weren't bad enough for the Republican Party establishment, now they're worried about a potential presidential run by Gov. Sarah Palin, who's immensely popular with the conservative grassroots and doesn't take the traditional steps of bowing before the Party leadership before making decisions.  Cowardly Republican officials have largely avoided questioning Palin's credentials in public, but according to this story, they're more than happy to bash her when their names aren't involved. 

The real meaning of Election Season 2010:  R.I.P., GOP establishment
American Thinker - Self-described "certified curmudgeon," Bill Markin provides an obituary for the Republican Party, not because it will fail to do well tomorrow, but because the "old way" of doing things in the GOP has literally died in this year's election season. 

Gallup shows Republicans with a 55-40% lead heading into Election Day
Gallup - The final Gallup poll before Election Day has historically been one of the most reliable indicators of the voters' party preferences across the country, and if that trend holds true, the GOP is in for a very successful Tuesday. 

The Republican Party may win, but it has a lot to prove -- Washington Examiner

The latest example of blatant media liberal bias against conservatives:  Alaska CBS affiliate to look for "child molesters" at a Joe Miller rally -- Hot Air

Bob Barr:  A Republican majority, if you can keep it -- Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)

Bobby Eberle:  Can we really shrink the size of government? -- GOP USA

Tea Party could put a record number of black conservatives in office -- The New American

The Tea Party train is fueled mainly by small donors -- Politico

Leaders of the Conservative Action Project oppose START Treaty in lame duck session -- American Spectator (blog)

Republicans must 'hang together' or there won't be much time before Tea Party backers bail -- Washington Times

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