Jennifer Horn - John Stephen For Governor

Dear Friends,


When Bill and I first chose New Hampshire to raise our family our state had one of the lowest tax rates in the country.  Today, after six years of John Lynch, we now have the highest business tax rate in the nation.


In spite of a constitutional requirement to balance our budget, Governor Lynch has spent us into an 800 million dollar hole.  He has signed into law 84 new taxes and fees, refused to stand up to the radical Democrats at the State House and has broken one promise after another.


New Hampshire deserves better.  That is why I am voting for John Stephen for Governor. 


As families across the state struggle to recover from the effects of the recession, we need leaders in Concord who are dedicated to cutting spending, balancing the budget, and preserving the New Hampshire Advantage so that businesses - and jobs - will return to the Granite State.  John Stephen is that kind of leader.


John Stephen has promised to veto any new spending until the budget is balanced and will fight to protect our state from the 1.2 billion dollar burden that Obamacare places on our state.


It is time for real leadership in Concord - time for a Governor who will stand up for the people of New Hampshire.  Please visit John's website at and read his ten point First In the Nation Economic Plan.


I believe that we live in the greatest nation on earth - and that New Hampshire is the greatest state in America.  If we are to preserve an America of unlimited opportunity for our children and our grandchildren, then we must begin right here in New Hampshire.


That is why I am voting for John Stephen for Governor tomorrow, November 2nd.


Best wishes,

P.S. Your vote counts! Please make sure you get out and vote on Tuesday November 2nd!