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Decay comes in many forms. If you were talking to your dentist, she might say that you need to brush and floss daily, and avoid sweets. If you didn't listen to your dentist, your teeth might decay, causing you pain, trouble, and financial loss at the dentist's office.
If you were talking to your mechanic, he might say that you need to wash your car regularly. You also might need to get any scratches promptly touched up to prevent the start of rust. You would need to make sure you get winter salt off your car at the end of winter.
But what if we're talking about societal decay? What if we're talking about the decay of the republic? Unsustainable debt? The decline in fortunes of an entire society? What would you need to do then? If you want to stop progressive decay, you must vote against progressive politicians. And you must encourage your friends and family to do likewise. Vote against bloated government bureaucracy, spending and taxes. Vote FOR smaller government, more freedom and personal responsibility.
Stop progressive decay! Save the republic! Vote Republican on Tuesday November 2, 2010. That's just two days from now!

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