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Lou Anne’s Law Takes Effect

Arizona CapitalAfter more than ten years of litigation and desperate obstructionism by Planned Parenthood and other abortion advocates, Arizona’s comprehensive abortion clinic regulations went into effect on Monday, November 1. The regulations were first enacted in 1999 following a tragic and preventable death at a Phoenix abortion clinic in which Lou Anne Herron, a 33-year-old mother, died as the result of a late-term abortion. AUL’s Vice President for Legal Affairs, Denise Burke, played a key role in defending this legislation during this ten-year battle.

“This case reveals another dark side of abortion – women’s lives are at stake in under-regulated, under-monitored abortion clinics,” said Dr. Charmaine Yoest, President and CEO of Americans United for Life. “If the abortion industry really cared about women, it would not fight regulations designed to protect a woman’s health.”

Burke added: “Thankfully, Arizona women now have more protection against the substandard conditions and practices at abortion clinics.”

For more information about Lou Anne’s story and the legal maneuverings of Planned Parenthood and other abortion advocates during this hard-fought case, check out Burke’s analysis here.

On The Docket

Life Wins: Pro-Life Women Governors now outnumber Pro-Abortion Women Governors

Thanks to the dramatic wins of all four pro-life women gubernatorial candidates in the mid-term elections, pro-life women now outnumber pro-abortion women in the Governors' mansions.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer cruised to re-election victory winning by 13 points. Susana Martinez in New Mexico won decisively by eight points and is the nation’s first female Hispanic governor. Congresswoman Mary Fallin soundly defeated Jari Askins by 20 points. And South Carolina elected Nikki Haley by a four-point margin.

For more information about AUL’s analysis visit here.

A Winning Attorney

AUL is proud to congratulate William Saunders who received the St. Thomas More Award in Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday, November 9.  This award recognizes an individual who promotes and embodies the virtues of St. Thomas More, as well as inspires lawyers and other professionals to honor God through their work. The award is traditionally given to individuals who have contributed significantly to respect for the dignity of the human person in the field of law. 

During the event, Saunders encouraged the attendees with the certainty that pro-life attorneys can further the cause within the legal profession regardless of the specific area of law practiced. 

Saunders is following up on that theme by speaking to the law students at Washington University Law School’s Advocates for Life chapter on “Why Roe Must Go (and what happens when it does).”