CHQ - Viguerie and Allen: It’s time for th e Tea Party to take over the GOP

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Viguerie and Allen:  It's time for the Tea Party to take over the GOP

Washington Examiner - Richard Viguerie and Steve Allen write that last week's elections proved that the conservative movement is alive and well, but the "era of Big Government Republicanism is over."  The authors argue that the Tea Parties have now supplanted the establishment in nearly every important aspect of the Party, and it's time for a full takeover to put the people in charge of the GOP.

Tea Party leaders flex newfound muscle, put GOP insiders on notice
Newsmax - Tea Party leaders aren't waiting until newly elected lawmakers arrive in Washington to warn them that they're being watched closely, and a number of them are demanding that the GOP leaders open up the leadership elections as well as ensure that steps are taken to keep their promises made to the grassroots during the campaign.

As member of GOP leadership, Michele Bachmann would "unify the conference with the new Tea Party enthusiasm" -- Daily Caller

Sign the petition to John Boehner and Eric Cantor to tell them to keep "hands off" the race between Michele Bachmann and Jeb Hensarling for Chairman of the GOP Conference
CHQ -- Boehner and Cantor are trying to "pull strings" to keep Bachmann from being elected to the 4th highest-ranking position in the House GOP leadership.  
Click here to sign the petition to tell them to stop interfering with this election

God Bless the Tea Party
National Review Online -- Michael Novak writes that, more than a rejection of big government or high spending, the Tea Party movement is a revolution against moral decline.

Tea Party organizer Jamie Radtke: The GOP is on probation --

Marco Rubio, Pat Toomey, and Mike Lee on the Senate Appropriations Committee would "gum up the works" all right -- American Spectator

Michelle Malkin:  Karl Rove's "water boy" (Michael Gerson) strikes again at DeMint and Palin --

Alaska GOP Senate candidate Joe Miller:  The election isn't finished --

Election 2010 leaves GOP poised to reap major redistricting rewards -- Washington Examiner

2010's midterm elections represents the triumph of the conservative 'undead' -- Human Events

Repeal of Obamacare has now become the conservative movement's main focus -- American Thinker

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