CHQ - Even though Michele Bachmann has withdrawn, we should keep pressure on GOP leaders

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Even though Michele Bachmann has withdrawn from the race for chair of the House Republican Conference, we should keep the pressure on the leadership for conservative policies
CHQ -- We still need to keep working to deliver the small government, Tea Party message to the new leadership. 
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Conservative reform-minded GOP freshmen will hold Speaker Boehner to his big promises
Washington Examiner - Michael Barone looks at the caucus-management difficulties Speaker-to-be John Boehner will face and the temptations he'll encounter to stray from his promises, but argues the large incoming class of freshman Republicans will keep him in line.

Congress need reforms that change its culture and institutionalized power structure
Human Events - "Recovering Congressman" and Heritage Distinguished Fellow Ernest Istook writes that next week's Republican caucus is critical to whether we can return to truly accountable government. Without changing internal rules for how Congress is governed, to be voted upon next week, it's likely we'll continue to see the same old top-down governance.

Tea Parties and the GOP need to learn from 2010 in order to improve in 2012
American Thinker - J. R. Dunn writes on three lessons learned from 2010's landslide, one on the level of practice, one on the level of strategy, and one on the level of philosophy - all of which will benefit the Tea Parties and the GOP in 2012.

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2010 was an ideological mandate, not a partisan one -- National Review Online

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Florida's Marco Rubio knows where he's going, and he'll take conservatives along with him -- American Spectator

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