CEI Daily - Obamacare Lawsuit, Four Loko, and BPA


Obamacare Lawsuit


CEI Attorneys Hans Bader and Sam Kazman have filed an amicus motion on behalf of Governors Pawlenty and Carcieri in a Florida case challenging the constitutionality of Obamacare. 


Read the full filing here.




Four Loko


Several states have recently banned Four Loko, the alcoholic-energy drink. More states are considering jumping on the bandwagon.


Policy Analyst Michelle Minton says the bans are an overreach of government power.


"Like it or hate it,Four Loko ought to be defended right alongside the individual’s right to choose what he or she drinks and how much. If we let the government ban a product because it could potentially be abused, that opens the way for a limitless number of product bans “for our own good.” Personally, I think my interest is served best when I determine what’s good for me rather than self-righteous busybodies and power-hunger bureaucrats."





A World Health Organization study on Bisphenol A found the substance has no measurable risks.


Director of Risk and Environmental Policy Angela Logomasini says the study is just more evidence that the BPA scare is unwarranted.


"[The study] points out that non-food exposures to BPA from such things as receipts are of 'minor relevance,' despite the fact that activists hype these very minor BPA exposures to garner lots of news coverage and generate fear among the public. But of course government bureaucrats around the world will continue to study and re-study the issue — as long taxpayer dollars continue to flow into government research budgets thanks in good measure to activists hype. We can expect greens to march into statehouses — such as California and Oregon — when they open legislative sessions next year to  push yet more government bans of BPA. At least a half dozen states have already banned some uses such as for baby bottles."