CHQ - Sign the Petition to Republican Senators telling them to Join in Banning Earmarks

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Sign the petition to Republican Senators telling them to join with Sen. Jim DeMint in banning earmarks
CHQ -Within the ranks of GOP senators, a big fight is going on between the old-guard pork-barrel spenders and the Tea Party-backed constitutional conservatives.  Your signature on the petition will tell Republican senators that you want them to put an end to all earmarks. 
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Jim DeMint and the GOP's earmark no-brainer
Wall Street Journal - Kimberley Strassel highlights Sen. Jim DeMint's crusade for earmark accountability in the GOP, arguing that Republicans can already prove to their conservative Tea Party-backed voters that they're serious about spending reductions merely by taking this one step. Strassel says it's such a no-brainer, it shouldn't even be a matter of debate.

Conservatives and Tea Partiers must press to change House rules next week to allow newcomers into leadership positions
American Thinker - Mark Fitzgibbons blogs on the urgent need for conservatives to press the new GOP House leadership on rules changes put forth by "recovering Congressman" Ernest Istook, reforms that must be made if power is going to be put back in the hands of the People as opposed to the parties' leaders.

Competing orientation sessions for newly elected legislators arouse suspicions
Washington Post -- FreedomWorks, the conservative organization that helped elect Tea Party candidates, is hosting a retreat to encourage new GOP members of Congress to stay true to small-government principles. But one Republican who is close to the House leadership exclaimed, "Oh no," when he learned about it. 

Wall Street Journal -- The Tea Party Patriots, with the help of Ed Meese, are conducting an orientation session for new members of Congress at the same time as the conservative Claremont Institute, with the help of William Bennett, is hosting a similar meeting.  The tea party group accused the Claremont Institute of being a front for the Republican National Committee. 

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