Heritage - What About Earmarks? Senate Vote Tuesday


I wanted to take a moment to give you an update on the battle going on in Washington, particularly in the U.S. Senate, on whether or not to ban the practice of earmarks. We are all familiar with the “Bridge to Nowhere,” and you have probably heard of earmarks for things like $615,000 for a Grateful Dead archive. (To find a more extensive list, check out Heritage’s Federal Spending by the Numbers.)

The newly elected U.S. House leadership has indicated their willingness to ban the practice, at least for now.

Jim DeMint of South Carolina, is planning to offer an amendment on Tuesday, November 16th to ban earmarks in the Senate.

So, I wanted to provide you with some information about this debate:

EndingSpending.com is a website from Taxpayers Against Earmarks. This website is tracking the issue, and even has a page here tracking which Senators are for and against it.

News & Blog Stories:

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