CHQ - Earmarks or Not: Which side are you on?

A fight is raging between Republicans in the Senate over earmarks--pitting old guard establishment types like Sen. Mitch McConnell and Sen. Jim Inhofe against Tea Party-backed constitutional conservatives like Sen. Jim DeMint.

Which side are you on? 

If you agree Republicans should forgo all earmarks in the 112th Congress, then
please click here to sign the Petition.

The old guard still finds it okay to take your taxpayer money and spend it on pork-barrel projects, while Tea Party-backed conservatives want to show the American people they're serious about getting our fiscal house in order.

You and I made our voices heard all year long throughout the primaries and on Election Night.  Time and time again, we rejected the "What's in it for me?" politicians and voted for small government, fiscally disciplined conservatives. 

Apparently, many of those "What's in it for me?" types didn't get the message.

McConnell has even described talk of banning earmarks as "exasperating," saying it distracted from "those of us who really want to cut spending."  How could the act of cutting spending by banning earmarks possibly be a distraction to cutting spending?   McConnell's argument holds no water.

Please call, e-mail, and write to Republican senators to encourage them to repudiate earmarks.

You can reinforce the message of small government and fiscal discipline by also signing
the Petition Opposing Earmarks.

We must demand the old guard not squander the second chance the American people have given Republicans.  If Republicans don't get it right this time, they won't be given another chance--maybe for decades.

Your Petition will go to Republican Senators in Congress demanding they respect the voice of the American people and agree to ban the wasteful spending known as earmarks.
So please, add your name to the
Petition to Ban Earmarks.

Then, follow-up with your calls, e-mails, and letters to Republican senators.  They need to hear from the grassroots. 

It's extremely important for Republicans to let the American people know they're the ones who are serious about fixing Congress' spending addiction.

I look forward to seeing your name on the Petition.

Yours for fiscal discipline,

Richard Viguerie

9625 Surveyor Court, Suite 400
Manassas, Virginia 20110