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Free market champion, Senator Jim DeMint, is leading the crucial effort within the Senate Republican Conference to force a ban on pork-barrel earmarks and we've got to support this effort now.


Unfortunately, some in the GOP Senate leadership are opposing the banning of earmarks.  FOX News reports that Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell is making calls to GOP senators "educating" them on why the DeMint motion to ban earmarks is wrong.

The good news:  most of the newer conservative reformers are supporting DeMint.  Senator-elect Kelly Ayotte from New Hampshire has said, "These special projects have become a symbol of Washington's 'pay-for-play' culture."  Senators-elect Marco Rubio from Florida and Ron Johnson from Wisconsin are also publicly supporting the earmark ban.  And, veteran conservatives such as Tom Coburn are standing firm.  For a full listing of where the GOP senators stand and their contact info so you can tell your senator to do the right thing CLICK HERE.

This Monday at 12 Noon, Americans for Prosperity is hosting an event at our nation's Capitol with two goals.  (Full information is available at

First, we’ll push the Senate Republican Conference to pass this motion banning Republicans from seeking pork-barrel earmarks.  Senator DeMint will be speaking at our event, and we're honored to support his effort.

Second, we're going to send a message to Pelosi, Reid, and Obama that they better not ignore the will of the American people and use their "lame duck" session of Congress as a last-gasp attempt to cram through the rest of their big government, big spending agenda.

Michelle Bachmann and Mike Pence will also be joining us as our special guests.

As you know, the Pelosi/Reid "lame duck" session is scheduled to begin on Monday so we are making sure that grassroots activists will be at the Capitol to greet them!

If you cannot join us for the event, you can make a difference by signing up for our "virtual" rally at the Capitol -- it's fast, fun, easy and important.  You can sign up at

By the way, in his column today George Will pointed out a quote from Vice President Joe Biden that I just have to share with you.  Here it is straight from the out-of-touch mind of Biden, "Every single great idea that has marked the 21st Century, the 20th Century and the 19th Century has required government vision and government incentive." 

No wonder the Obama/Biden government-first philosophy is crushing prosperity in America.  We've got to beat these guys.

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PS:  Let's make sure we're holding Congress accountable - and that means both Republicans and Democrats! You can do that by CLICKING HERE to tell Republican Senators to ban earmarks and by heading to to join the virtual rally to stop the lame duck agenda.