CHQ - Viguerie, Conservative Leaders Warn Critics of Sen. DeMint

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Viguerie, conservative leaders warn critics of Sen. DeMint
ABC News - In a declaration prepared by Richard Viguerie and leaked to the press, dozens of tea party and conservative leaders are warning Republicans to stop blaming Sen. Jim DeMint for 2010's few election defeats.  If the attacks continue, these conservatives promised, all conservatives would turn their focus (and their money) towards organizations such as DeMint's Senate Conservatives Fund, instead of helping the Party committees. The declaration will be made public Nov. 16.

Contact Republican Senators to tell them to ban all earmarks
CHQ -GOP senators will soon be voting on earmarks. 
Call and e-mail your Republican senators right now to tell them to oppose all earmarks.

Jim DeMint:  "I'm a recovering earmarker"
Washington Times - One of the reasons why Sen. Jim DeMint knows how harmful earmarks can be is he used to request them himself. DeMint calls himself a "recovering earmarker" and admits that he voted for legislation in the past simply because it contained special money for South Carolina.

Presenting earmarks as a moral issue -- Gun Owners of California

Earmarks:  Have GOP Senators learned nothing? -- Pajamas Media

Conservatives must keep the lame duck from waddling
American Thinker - On this first day of the lame duck session, Bruce Walker says conservatives must act to stop harmful laws. Walker argues that all senators (from both parties) who are up for re-election in 2012 or 2014 need to be contacted and told not to vote for cloture on any bill unless newly elected Sen. Mark Kirk is seated (as he should be).

Expectations are high for Florida's Marco Rubio -- Politico

Paul Ryan's "Roadmap" touches the 3rd rail, lives -- Weekly Standard

Steele foes gather to challenge for RNC Chair -- Hotline On Call

'Bipartisan' is not found in conservative lingo -- World Net Daily

Republicans must now turn promises into policy -- CNN

Iowa wins major battle in Culture War -- Human Events

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