CEI Daily - The TSA, the Gas Tax, and Thanksgiving Food




The TSA is scrambling to assuage public fears about invasive new security measures in airports.


Research Associate Brian McGraw talks about private security alternatives to the TSA.


"Many free-marketeers have suggested the U.S. would benefit from returning to non-nationalized airport security. It certainly makes sense — after all, airlines stand to lose a lot of money if anything goes wrong on their planes. In a security game that involves keeping up with ever-changing terrorist threats (i.e., 10 years ago, we could wear shoes and not need to buy new contact solution every time we left town), I trust the profit-seekers over the government to find an appropriate balance between consumer demands for privacy and airline security."




Gas Tax


The Fiscal Commission's draft report recommends a 15% increase in the federal gas tax. 


Associate Fellow Ben Lieberman suggests an alternative to the tax increase.


"No doubt, this proposed tax hike would raise revenues and make a modest dent in the deficit, but it would do so at the expense of the driving public and would disproportionately burden low-income motorists. There’s a better way. If raising energy-related revenues is the goal, why not fill federal coffers in a manner that actually reduces the price at the pump? Washington can accomplish this by allowing more oil drilling."




Thanksgiving Food


In The Huffington Post, Mindy Pennybacker warns people against using canned cranberry sauce this Thanksgiving.


Director of Risk and Environmental Policy Angela Logomasini points out that Pennybacker is basing her warning on paranoia about Bisphenol A, a chemical used in canned food.


"Let’s not forget why we use BPA: It has many benefits! This Thanksgiving, I am going to be happy that the cans my cranberry sauce came in were lined with a resin made with bisphenol-A because it greatly reduces the chance that those cranberries will have been contaminated with botulism or some other dangerous organisms.  It also keeps my food free from rust, which would otherwise detract from the fruit flavors."