NRSC - Thank You

This morning I had the honor of being re-elected to the post as National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman. I appreciate the strong support from all of my Republican colleagues, and especially our 13 new Republican Senators, as we continue our campaign to win back a Senate Republican majority in 2012. Continuity at the NRSC is something we haven’t had in a while, and which we need to build on our victories in 2010.

Two years ago, few would have imagined that Senate Republicans would win seven Democrat-held Senate seats, while successfully defending every single Republican Senate seat. And over the last two years, we were successful in adding nearly 400,000 new, first-time donors to the NRSC, we strengthened relationships with our longtime supporters and ultimately raised over $100 million. In fact, just last month, the NRSC raised $14.2 million, which represented the highest monthly total since the passage of McCain-Feingold in 2002.

We couldn't have done any of that without you. I want to sincerely thank you for everything you did this past year to elect more Republicans to the U.S. Senate. It was your donations, your participation in the process and your vote that brought change to Washington and now we will get to work for you.

The key now is to build on our success, while applying lessons learned from the 2010 campaign. I believe Republicans are strongest when we stick together, and I continue to adhere to the words of William F. Buckley, who famously said: 'I am for the most conservative candidate that can get elected.' But I recognize that Republican primary voters choose our nominees, and I am committed to listening to the message you the voters sent this past year.

I look forward to a constructive dialogue over the weeks and months ahead. And I especially look forward to continuing to work together and regaining a Senate Republican majority in 2012.

Sen. John Cornyn
NRSC Chairman