CEI Daily - Union Dues, New Jersey Gambling, and Social Security


Union Dues


Union bosses claim to represent workers’ best interests, but their spending reports tell a different story.


CEI Studios' new video takes a closer look at the finanical reports of major unions.


Watch the video here. 



New Jersey Gambling


Proposed legislation in New Jersey would allow Atlantic City casinos to offer online versions of their games for the first time. 


Policy Analyst Michelle Minton commends legislators for moving forward on legalizing online gambling.


"While it shouldn’t have taken a budget crisis to move this forward and the state should not be subsidizing the horse racing industry, it is a step toward freedom for individuals who wish to gamble. If other states follow New Jersey’s lead and legalized Internet gambling within their borders, states could enter into agreements that allow residents to gamble online at each other’s online casinos. It isn’t perfect, but it is better than a blanket ban."




Social Security


George W. Bush recently said that he regrets not reforming Social Security.


Research Associate Alex Schibuola advocates privatizing Social Security.


"If Social Security were privatized, people would deposit their income with a bank. People actually save resources that businesses can invest. We, as true savers, get more resources in the future. [...]Remember, the purpose of actual saving is to allow you to consume more in the future — not today. Social Security retards this process, whereas privatized Social Security means actual saving. If people defer consuming some corn (GDP) today with a bank that lends it to someone to invest, then there will be more corn (GDP) tomorrow. This is the economics of Social Security."