CHQ - Hedging already: Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander Wiggles, Squirms on Earmark Reform

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Hedging already: Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander wiggles, squirms-quite frankly, is already wearing us out -- on earmark reform
Sen. Alexander calls the earmark moratorium now backed by Senate Republican leaders only "a timeout" in order to "permit Congress to limit the number of earmarks." He said he will "respect this moratorium, although in an emergency case, I reserve the right to ask Congress to approve measures of urgent importance to Tennesseans, such as funds to help those hurt by the devastating flooding last May." (Note:  Emergency appropriations for natural disaster relief is NOT an earmark.)

Alexander also said, "We should not mislead Americans by saying that an earmark ban will do much to reduce the federal debt." (It won't do anything to reduce the national debt. The idea is to stop adding to the national debt through new earmark appropriations.) Amazingly, Alexander says, "Cleaning up earmarks...would undermine the Constitution...."

CHQ editorial note: We're far from out of the woods with establishment, big-government Republicans and must work even harder to elect small-government constitutional conservatives in upcoming primaries .

Sen. Tom Coburn exposes the myths and realities of earmarks
National Review Online - Defenders of earmarks (such as Sen. Lamar Alexander) can't hide from the truth, which here, Sen. Tom Coburn provides in debunking the myths and instructing on the realities behind the practice of earmarking.

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