Franklin Center - Million-dollar Jobs on the Taxpayers' Dime


We wanted to pass along the below breaking news from Texas Watchdog:

Federal stimulus funds 38,000 jobs in Texas, but some of those jobs cost more than $1 million apiece. Some agencies received millions in federal stimulus and created no jobs.
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HOUSTON, Texas, Nov. 17, 2010 --You might call it the Federal Stimulus' Million Dollar Jobs Club, except that in several instances you have millions of dollars, but no jobs.

There is the $4.4 million job through the block grant at the Texas Department of Rural Affairs. Or the $2.2 million job for the upkeep of National Guard property. The $23.1 million grants at the Texas Departments of Agriculture produced no jobs at all.

And for jobs that have been created there appear to be few contingency plans to keep them when the stimulus runs out.

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