Rochester 912 Group Organizer Endorsement of Rep O'Brien for Speaker of the House

There are a number of reasons the Republicans reclaimed both the NH House and the NH Senate. Among these reasons are that there were some great candidates that are not ashamed to stand firmly in support of the Republican Plank and the NH Constitution.

The party tried it the other way and lost it's way.  They lost trying to live in a "big tent" full of those that did not believe in the Republican Plank or much-less care about the NH Constitution. 

Then came the 912 Groups and the Tea Party's.  This dynamic changed things and was of great assistance in electing conservatives to the Statehouse.  These groups are here to stay and will not allow the "same old business as usual" to resume.  There are those that would rather see us go away as the election is over, there is no chance this will happen.  The House has the opportunity now to elect a New Hampshire Speaker that is honest and has real a record of real integrity.  A man where political career isn't in play, but doing what is actually right is. 

This man is Bill O'Brien and I as the Organizer of New Hampshire's largest 912 Group fully support him in his bid for Speaker.  It is time we stop the destructive "good old boy" tactics of the past and start putting New Hampshire's best interests first.  Bill O'Brien will do this and I urge everyone that loves this state to lend him your support.

Jerry DeLemus

Organizer Rochester 912 Project