News from NH Bible Society November 2010

The New Hampshire Bible Society &
The Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ
John Dominic Crossan

John Dominic CrossanThe New Hampshire Bible Society was proud to co-sponsor with the Plymouth Congregational Church, UCC a lecture series by world renowned theological and biblical scholar John Crossan.  Over one hundred people attended this event over the weekend of  November 5th - 7th to hear his lecture series:  God & Violence:  The Normalcy of Empire and the Ambiguity of the Bible. 


DVD's of his series of lectures will be available through the New Hampshire Bible Society.


Free Resource from The American Bible Society


caring ministryOur partner, The American Bible Society offers the following pack  for pastors and lay ministers.


Caring Ministry Resource Pack - This pack comes with each of the seven booklets listed below as well as a handy user's guide to make it convenient to use in pastoral or lay ministry opportunities. 

  • NRSV - The Lord is Near to the Brokenhearted:  Comfort and Hope from the Scriptures in Your Sorrow.
  • CEV - The Lord Hears Your Cries:  Hope and Strength from the Scriptures in the Midst of Domestic Violence.
  • GNT - Turning to God:  From Addiction to Recovery - Finding a Spiritual Path.
  • CEV - For Families Under Stress: Find Strength in God's Word.
  • CEV - The Lord Keeps You Safe:  Words of Assurance to Calm Your Fears.
  • GNT - Nothing Can Separate Us from the Love of God:  Words of Comfort From the Bible. (For People Effected by HIV/AIDS)
  • CEV - God's Love For Us Is Sure and Strong:  Comfort from Gods' words for Caregivers of Persons with Debilitating and Terminal Illnesses.
This resource is in stock at New Hampshire Bible Society or you can view this resource and order on-line go at:

Resource for Military Ministry

God Understand Military Portions - The God understand series box set contains biblically based portions that address the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) spiritual injuries veterans deal with upon return from duty:  guilt, anger, grief, meaning and purpose, despair and hopelessness, fairness, doubts and disbelief, and fear of death.  This is an excellent resource that VA chaplains, pastors and family members can give veterans to enhance the treatment of these PTSD issues.  These Scripture Portions are written specifically for veterans with thoughts for reflection, calls to action and guided prayers.  For more information you can download the chaplains guide here


This resource is in stock at New Hampshire Bible Society or you can view this resource and order on-line go at:

Bible Grant Opportunity for Catholic Churches


The NH Bible society is offering a grant opportunity for Roman Catholic Churches that are seeking to procure bibles for outreach purposes.  We are offering free paperback editions of the New American Bibles for Catholics published by the American Bible Society.  This Bible features:


·         A careful translation of the original language texts

·         Introductions and outlines for every book of the Bible

·         Extensive notes prepared by the best Catholic biblical scholars

·         A thorough cross-reference system

·         A listing of weekday readings for private devotions

·         Maps of the Holy Land


If you are interested in receiving these bibles, please fill out a grant application which you will find on the NH Bible website here.    


Bibles for Mental Health Facilities


Through the block grant program of the American Bible Society, we are offering free bibles to mental health facilities and hospital psychiatric units to distribute to patients upon request.  We have many versions of the bible to choose from including bibles of different languages, application bibles and children's bibles.  If your hospital is interested in attaining bibles from this program, please email us at and we will send you more information and a grant application.


Attention Faith Based Summer Camps. 


Are your camp bibles tattered or out of date.  Would you like to get a more relevant bible that young campers are sure to enjoy.  We can help!  You can apply for a grant through the NH Bible society and get free bibles for your summer camp program.  We have bibles for all ages including bible stories for young children to study bibles for young adults.  If you are interested, please send us an email at and we will be happy to send catalog information and a grant application.



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