SEIA - Solar Generation USA Road Trip Shows Solar Working for America Today


WASHINGTON - The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA®) today unveiled a new campaign to educate the public on the benefits of clean solar energy and to demonstrate how the technology is working reliably across the nation and saving clients money on their utility bills. The online and broadcast segments also show that the growing solar industry is putting America back to work, creating domestic jobs for installers, electricians, plumbers, manufacturers, construction workers and support professionals.

The nonprofit trade association hired Alan Blake, award-winning director and owner of Blake + Company, to travel cross-country, from Cape Cod, Mass. to Los Angeles, visiting the people that use solar power or work in the industry. The campaign includes a three-part online webisode series documenting the three-week trip, a culminating 4-minute film and a public service announcement.

Webisode No. 1 focuses on the Northeast capturing smaller residential and commercial applications, from a boat marina, fire station and horse farm, to a New York City rooftop and the Crayola Crayon manufacturing plant in Pennsylvania. The second webisode captures installations in the Midwest including a zoo (with 'solar bears'), a gas station converted to a solar charging station for electric vehicles, a Governor's mansion and a solar manufacturing site in Ohio. The third and last webisode segment in the West covers larger scale solar including Denver International Airport, a Garbett Homes community with solar thermal and solar electric as standard features, Colorado State University, the San Francisco Giant's ballpark and a Napa vineyard.

"Solar energy is working for America, creating good jobs and investment in all 50 states. Whether it is an installer, or a solar manufacturing line worker, or a family or business that has experienced the benefits of solar, the Solar Generation USA road trip captures just how far solar energy has come in the United States," said Rhone Resch, President and CEO of SEIA. "The excitement surrounding solar is evident in each of these webisodes, but we are just getting started. Solar energy is already the fastest growing energy source in the U.S. and by 2015, we will be installing enough new solar capacity to power two million homes each and every year. This is truly the Solar Generation."

"The SEIA Solar Generation team has just completed a compelling, educational - and FUN - series of webisodes. Their cross country trek beautifully documents and clearly illustrates that solar works for America, while putting Americans to work," said Susan DeVico, Chair of SEIA's Public Relations Committee. "Solar is here NOW, and it's flourishing throughout the U.S. It's generating clean, emissions-free electricity at a vast variety of venues, enabling individuals and organizations (homeowners, hospitals, schools, retailers, farms, factories, government agencies, airports, utilities) to meet their energy needs in a clean, cost-effective and environmentally responsible way."

"This has been a wonderful opportunity to call attention to the fact that solar power has grown to be a vital part of this country's energy infrastructure and a realistic option for every American household, business and municipality," said Alan Blake, the film's producer. "The people we met on our road trip, those who work in the solar industry and their clients and customers, were an inspiration to us and, we think, a great illustration of today's solar generation." 

The Solar Generation USA Road Trip webisode series can be viewed at where the public can also learn more about the different types of solar technology, how to go solar for home or business and how to find a job in the solar industry. The film will be released in November and the PSA completed by yearend.