Ayotte For US Senate - Election Day

After all the debates and forums, picnics and parades, and speeches and rallies, Election Day is finally upon us.

It’s time to decide.

Throughout our history, Americans have always believed that each generation would pass down to its children a better country and a brighter future.

For the first time, New Hampshire residents are justifiably worried that is no longer true.

The American dream is being threatened by Washington politicians who have stopped listening. Politicians who spend money we don't have on programs that don't work. Politicians who raise taxes instead of cutting out-of-control spending.

Sadly, that is the record of my opponent. He supported the stimulus, ObamaCare and the auto bailout – all of which I would have opposed.

We need a strong, fiscally conservative voice to represent us in Washington. Unlike my opponent, I believe the federal government spends too much, taxes too much and is growing too fast.

In the Senate, I will make the tough decisions to get our fiscal house in order. Washington needs to live within its means, just as New Hampshire families like mine do.

I will be a senator who thinks less about Washington and more about returning power to the people. Less about Beltway bickering and more about New Hampshire common sense.

It will take tough leadership to get our great country back on track. That's the kind of leadership I brought as your Attorney General and that's the type of leadership I will bring on your behalf to the United States Senate.

I would be honored to represent you in Washington and ask for your vote today. Thank you for your consideration.