NHDP - Alerts AG's Office After Losing Phone Lines at 10 Local Offices Statewide

Manchester - This afternoon the New Hampshire Democratic Party alerted the New Hampshire Attorney General's office that it has lost phone service on some or all phone lines at local Democratic Party campaign offices in Concord, Manchester, Milford, Dover, Hampton, Nashua, Keene, Plymouth, Exeter, Londonderry, and Somersworth beginning at 1:30 pm this afternoon.  The Democratic Party has also contacted two different phone and internet service provider who serve these offices to inquire about the impacted services. 


"Considering the crimes committed by the state Republican Party in past elections, unfortunately we felt the need to contact the authorities so they can be aware of this situation," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Raymond Buckley.


Beginning at 1:30 pm, volunteers in several local party offices reported that they were unable to make calls to the local area to remind voters to vote on Election Day.  The problems limited both incoming and outgoing calls and impacted service continued for several hours.


Volunteers are in the process of making hundreds of thousands of calls to their neighbors across New Hampshire to remind them of the importance of Tuesday's election.


In 2002, the state Republican Party hired a phone vendor to jam lines at least six Democratic party offices across the state, resulting in three criminal convictions.