GS Patriot PAC - Glenn Beck's "Broke" National Simulcast, Thursday, December 2nd!

Glenn Beck Simulcast

This is the first time that a Glenn Beck simulcast will be shown at the Regal Cinemas in the seacoast.  There are two performances involved.  Click the link below for more information, enter zip code 03801 for a performance selection.  Make your reservations soon as they will be sold out events.
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445 Route One Bypass, Ste. 2
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December 2 - NEWINGTON

Glenn Beck "Broke" National Simulcast on Thursday, December 2, 2010 8:00 PM and a repeat performance on December 8.

Where: Regal Fox Run Stadium 15

45 Gosling Road

Newington, NH 03801


On Thursday, December 2nd, Glenn Beck brings his latest book to life on stage and on silver screens nationwide for the timely event, Broke - Restarting the Engine of America.  Broadcast LIVE from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Benedum Center to movie theaters nationwide, Glenn will use his own inimitable style to compare the United States economy to a 1965 Mustang.  Glenn will illustrate his argument that like an automobile engine overburdened with add-ons and faulty repair work, Washington's misplaced focus has caused the United States economy to fall from its former position as a model of performance and efficiency.  During this exclusive event, he will lay out how this happened, why it happened, and what we need to do in order to restore our economy so she's running better than ever.


The closest theater in NH broadcasting the event is in Newington.  Here is a link to purchase tickets in advance: