CHQ - Free Traveler’s Rights Card provides information to protect passengers

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Free Traveler's Rights Card provides information to protect passengers
--Former Congressman Bob Barr's Liberty Guard is sponsoring a project to let citizens know the steps to opt-out of full-body scans and enhanced pat downs and how to file an immediate complaint when needed.  The Traveler's Rights Card is available free by e-mail. CLICK HERE.


Sarah Palin vs. the establishment symbolizes America in the balance
RiehlWorldView - Dan Riehl writes that the argument over Sarah Palin's presidential qualifications goes much deeper than mere opinion differences between Republicans - it's about the future of the conservative movement and America.  Riehl says Palin's critics aren't just fighting her, they're trying desperately to keep the status quo that Palin is threatening.

Sarah Palin-critic Mona Charen says she's an unconvincing presidential contender Washington Examiner - Charen writes, "Sarah Palin's Alaska, [is] another cheesy entrant in the reality show genre." As to a Palin presidential candidacy, she says, "Absolutely not."

A reply to Mona Charen on Sarah Palin
-- Human Events

The mainstream press is hoping for a political disaster in 2012 as a way to help Obama -- American Conservative

Michael Graham:  For conservatives, anyone but Mitt -- Boston Herald

Steele tries (in vain) to take credit for 2010 Tea Party success -- Big Government

Nasty Lisa Murkowski unleashing herself on conservatives -- Politico

Rise of conservative displeasure over Politico/NBC Republican presidential candidate debate -- The Daily Caller

Will the GOP truly get serious on spending? - Real Clear Politics

Will the freshman Republicans earn 'strange new respect' from liberals? -- Weekly Standard

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