AFP - Bureaucrats Run Wild in Cancun and We Pick up the Tab


In a speech the day after the election, President Obama said “Cap-and-trade was just one way of skinning the cat; it was not the only way.”  Leave it to the Obama administration to ignore the elections and keep pushing their radical agenda through the EPA.

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From Rick Boucher who betrayed coal in Virginia to Zack Space in Ohio to Jim Oberstar in Minnesota, Members of Congress who voted for cap-and-trade were ejected from office by the voters.  Energy taxes are dead on arrival on Capitol Hill but the EPA and international bureaucrats couldn't care less. 

In Copenhagen last year Obama promised to reduce U.S. carbon emission at 17% regardless on what Congress would do.  Now he's sending bureaucrats to Cancun for the next international meeting where they will try to reduce carbon, increase taxes and cede our freedoms to international organizations.

AFP is taking our Hot Air Tour to Cancun to make sure your voices and the free market position is heard.  We will also be holding events across the country where we will webcasting live from Cancun.

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Until China and India agree to binding and verifiable carbon reductions, any U.S. cuts will only cripple out domestic industries and shift the jobs and carbon emissions overseas.  The Obama administration is ignoring the elections, ignoring the People and heading to Cancun for a party while they negotiate away our economy and out freedoms.

To read more about the EPA's plan to advance carbon regulations click here.


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